31st May, 1st & 2nd June 2019
31st May, 1st June, 2nd June 2019

The joy of canoes!










The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association is a non-profit organisation devoted to preserving, studying, building, restoring and using wooden and bark canoes.

 Whatever your interest, take the time to pop by our stand and have a look at some of the canoes on display, we will have a selection of canoes, old, older and really old!  Cedar canvas canoes, wood strip and rib canoes will be there to look at on and off the water. Some are 100 years + and still in use. Chestnut, Lakefield, Peterborough and more.

If you have a canoe and wish to discuss repair or restoration and need some helpful tips or information just ask any of our members.

See you at The Beale Park Boat and Outdoor Show- You know it makes sense!