31st May, 1st & 2nd June 2019

Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show

31st May, 1st June, 2nd June 2019

MANA – The Polynesian word for ‘spirit’ given to an object by its maker or the person that uses it

self-build-boats-mana24-2  P1030790 P1030789wharram design 2

Due to the present period of financial austerity and increasingly high marina costs, a large number of would-be sailors are having a hard time financing the dream of sailing their own boat.

However, there is an economical way to enjoy sailing, by building your own small lightweight boat, keeping it at home and trailing it to the waters you want to sail in, chasing the good weather. This gives the opportunity to explore many more sailing areas than if based on a permanent mooring and at a much lower cost.

For speedy assembly the hulls and beams of the MANA are connected with quick-fit webbing straps with over-centre buckles, which are very strong and much easier to fit than bolts.

The MANA kit is sold with all the plywood cut out by CNC cutter and pre-coated with epoxy, so building the boat at home will be a bit like assembling a flat-pack. All the parts slot together perfectly so a hull can take shape in a day.

The first two kits are now being produced and will go to Norway and Canada! MANA can be the solution for many adventurous families and couples on a low budget, but with a great desire to realise their DREAM – BUILD – SAIL ambition.

See more here: https://www.wharram.com/site/



Award-winning filmmaker John Boyle is releasing his latest video series, sponsored by boat insurance specialists MS Amlin, on 7th April titled ‘Exploring Cornwall’s Historic Coastline’.

To view the first clip, click HERE

There are 5 episodes in the new series in which John explores aboard his Princess 49 ‘Cecienne’ how history and human endeavour have helped shape today’s Cornish coastline.

The videos are a fascinating insight showing how fishing, mining, smuggling and long lost global trade have all left their mark on the landscape. John Boyle, who also produces nature and documentary films for National Geographic, says: “Being based in Cornwall, I’ve always wanted to make a series that not only shares my own love of boating but also the wonderful coastline on our doorstep. Hopefully these videos will give boat owners a unique insight into Cornwall’s coastal heritage and also allow them to share some special secret spots and hidden gems that can only be found by boat”.

The first clip in the series, featuring the county’s long association with fishing, goes live on 7th April with the remaining films being released at weekly intervals.

To view the first clip, click HERE

For sale at Beale Park

John Brown 1 John Brown 2

Malahini Runabout Ski Boat. New Build.

Design: Glen L Witt- N.A, Glen-L Designs U.S.A

Hard Chine in Marine Mahogany Ply
Hardwood framing throughout.

Length            4.9 m      16 ft
Width              1.99 m    6 ft 7 ”
Max Depth     0.78 m    2 ft 7″

Sides and bottom clad in 200g/m2 cloth, 4 coats West System Epoxy Resin. All fixings mainly Silica Bronze, some Brass S.S. Boat fully fitted with fuel tank, gauge and battery.

All S.S. fittings. Lights, horn, seats, steering wheel, box and drive cable, bilge pump, windshield and all associated wiring. Complete with trailer.  Motor not included. We have been advised that whoever buys it will want the choice depending on type of use.

Try your hand with the Open Canoe Association!

OCA logo

The Open Canoe Association was founded in 1956 and exists to promote the use of open canoes for self-reliant adventure, exploration, journeying and self-development.

Members of the OCA explore, cherish, protect, and enjoy the diverse waterways of the UK and beyond, from steep creeks and sea lochs in Scotland to the classic rivers of the Massif Central and from quiet backwaters of the Norfolk Broads to some of the most legendary extended trips of the Northern Territories.

At the show you can learn about flat water ‘freestyle’ paddling with opportunities to paddle with style. This, along with beginners’ sessions and Thames river trips should make for a great weekend of paddling for all ages.

Seahopper in the news


Seahopper Folding Boats New Website Launched!
Take a look at our new website  www.seahopperfoldingboats.com where you can configure your Scamp, Lighter, or Kondor in row, motor or sail versions, and choose the colour of the bow and transom and sails before buying on line. You’ll also see that for UK deliveries over £75 shipping is free! We’ll be bringing along 4 boats to the Beale Park Show where you can see the various options and talk about your needs  for a classy yacht tender,  a boat to motor to your favourite picnic spot or fishing ground, or a dinghy for safe family sailing.

Quality on the Rise at Seahopper Folding Boats
Since acquiring the business last year the new team at Seahopper is consistently improving the finish quality on these boats that have been loved and sailed by over 7500 owners over the years. Top quality dinghy fittings are used throughout, an extra coat of varnish has been added, there’s a new and improved skeg wheel, extra hanks fitted to the jib, side seats strengthened and a host of other small improvements to make these boats even more desirable. With a  Seahopper, the Pleasure Unfolds!

West Berkshire Brewery

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West Berkshire Brewery are back! Award winning beers on tap, open late for campers and for those who just can’t resist staying around! Good Old Boy…

Wooden Canoe Association are back!

fullsizeoutput_4b7 IMG_0088

A non-profit organisation devoted to preserving, studying, building, restoring and using wooden and bark canoes.

 Whatever your interest, take the time to pop by our stand and have a look at some of the canoes on display, we will have a selection of canoes, old, older and really old!  Cedar canvas canoes, wood strip and rib canoes will be there to look at on and off the water. Some are 100 years + and still in use. Chestnut, Lakefield, Peterborough and more.

If you have a canoe and wish to discuss repair or restoration and need some helpful tips or information just ask any of our members.

See you at The Beale Park Boat and Outdoor Show- You know it makes sense!

Meet the team from Accessible Sailing

Challenger disabled sailing boat at Farmoor - getting ready to sail

Accessible Sailing is a registered charity based at Farmoor Reservoir near Oxford. The charity works to provide better facilities and support to help disabled sailors access the water and their boats more easily. Funds raised pay for essential equipment such as hoists and handrails, while a multi-million purpose-built pontoon with low freeboard and jetties was built at Farmoor for the disabled sailing community. A pilot study into improving sailing facilities for blind sailors will begin shortly. Come along this year and find out all about it!

Time and Tide Auction

Time and Tide 1 Time and Tide 2 Time and Tide 3

Maaken a 1930’s Norwegian Runabout

One of the boats up for auction this year.

Peter Sparrow of Time & Tide said: “If you asked me to name a Scandinavian beauty, a real star of yesteryear. Well I would have to say Ingrid Bergman would win hands down every time.  Casablanca remains one of my favourite films of all time, and for someone who has said goodbye at many an airport, I find the final scene of the film is a master class in saying goodbye properly. Well here is your chance to say hello, to another Scandinavian Beauty, albeit a Norwegian, and bring her into your life.” See more at: http://www.timeandtideboats.com/auction-preview

Military canoe on display

WW2 canoe DSCN0461

This military canoe was made by an aircraft factory in early 1945. Number 103 of 200 of this type built for Combined Operations Commando forces. It was sent to the far east and eventually was used against the Japanese in Borneo. It still has some damage from there. We have kept these dents as they are part of its history; its issued CQR anchor damage, and stern deck boot dents. Restored to wartime and seaworthy condition, it is one of only 8 or 9 left in the world of which this and one or two others are seaworthy. This one is even rarer as all its tiny deck fittings and seating are intact. Operationally fitted with a machine gun mount and an outboard engine mount. It comes apart in seconds, for middle, bow, stern and outriggers. Made of an aluminium alloy, all sections are original and all serial numbers of each part match so it really is a complete canoe. We even have its original sail and spars, though it is a little damaged. We have its original spare wooden rudder, but the rudder and yoke fitted have been made from original patterns,the paddles too.

It came back to England in the mid 1970s in a shipping container full of kit from a returning University expedition to Borneo and spent the next 35 years or more on a private lake, to hunt ducks and fish from.

Before the last owner painted it with m.o.d. tank paint (which helped it survive all these years in the open) he did take a photo. On its bow was painted the name Argo, in the style that was common by those who used these for when they raced each other in training, to encourage their handling skills.