1st, 2nd & 3rd June 2018

Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show

1st, 2nd, 3rd June 2018

A very special boat on display this year


Camper & Nicholson’s of Gosport built this boat in 1930 and delivered her to Sir Thomas Lipton with the J Class Racing Yacht Shamrock V. Gelcye was later purchased by Sir Thomas Sopwith, who also built the America’s Cup challenger Endeavor.

This 50ft example of the Gelyce Class (official no 160934) is the only one of the class used as a J Class Yacht Tender. The name Gelyce is made up of the Nicholson brother’s wives names – Gertie, Lucy & Constance. Her engine is a mid-1960s Rolls-Royce, producing 175hp, which theoretically gives her the capability of 28 knots at sea.

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Boatwork are returning!


Boatwork Ltd are pleased to announce they are returning to the Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show 2018. This year they will be exhibiting the BTC-22 prototype sailing boat along with a Pro-Set epoxy carbon canoe.

Boatwork Ltd are a responsive dedicated family team offering a full range of marine services. Their primary aim being the delivery and quality of those services that exceeds customer’s expectations. With the option of utilising a 15-metre mobile workshop they are able deliver a range of mobile services from glass fibre repairs, yacht paint applications, Coppercoat treatment, gelcoat repairs, marine carpentry through to full composite and GRP yacht restorations.

For more information on the BTC-22 and other services Boatwork Ltd offer go to  www.boatwork.co.uk

Classic Model Boats at the show!

Classic Model Boats is delighted to be attending this year’s show.  Handcrafted from the original plans, this authentic model slipper launch is a superb conversation piece, whether displayed in your home or office. Each model slipper launch  is supplied with a “Certificate of Authenticity” giving  provenance for the future. Measuring sixty centimetres long, each of our scale model boats can take up to seventy two hours to produce including drying time. The boats are created using rosewood and cedar and the construction is of traditional methods. Four layers of paint and two layers of lacquer are applied. Presented on a display stand the model will make an excellent present for “the person who has everything”, river lovers, boating enthusiasts or perhaps those who just appreciate fine design.  We can offer a bespoke slipper launch model incorporating your own choice of name, fabric colour and paint scheme. For further information please contact info@classicmodelboats.co.uk

Apache Canoes

Apache canoes are built by people who are both passionate about paddling and expert in the field of composite construction.  Made by craftsmen for individuals, each canoe is optimised for performance, length, weight and construction materials; making it perfect for its new owner’s style of paddling. You can visit the team at this year’s show and in the meantime you can see more at: http://apachecanoes.com/


Oxon, Pangbourne © Kathy MansfieldBeale Park Boat Show 2015

Pangbourne, BerkslBeale Park Boat Show 2014 © Kathy Mansfield

Water Craft’s AMATEUR BOAT BUILDING  AWARDS  have been a feature of June’s Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show for so long now we’ve lost count of the number and variety of home-built boats entered, from kayaks to cruising yachts, skiffs to steam launches. For 2018, every invited entrant … yes, every… will receive product vouchers from ABBA sponsors, Robbins Timber and WEST System International and there will be special prizes in several categories. There are three basic rules for entry: you’ll need to bring your boat to Beale Park on 30 May ( the show runs 1-3 June); boats must be built mainly in wood; and the builders must be genuine amateurs. For full details, see the January/February 2018 Water Craft.


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It started as a silly idea: a weekend tournament for boats, any kind of boats under 16’ (5.3m), powered solely by cordless workshop power tools, racing against each other at the Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show. And funnily enough, over the past 5 years the silly idea has become more serious with some boats now purpose-designed and built for the Cordless Canoe Challenge (CCC) – maybe that’s down to the great power tool prizes from sponsors Makita UK. For 2018, we’ll have:

The Scratch Class with shortish races around the buoys for entries using ‘unadulterated’ production hulls driven by any cordless tools with a combined total of no more than 18 volts of battery power. And the winners also get to compete  with the big boys…

In the Custom Class, racing twice round a 600m course with buoys to negotiate, against the previous CCC champions who have designed and built their own sleek racing machines with no limits on the number or power of the cordless tools driving them.

In the Cordless Blue Riband, the challengers race not against each other but against the clock, to beat the World Speed Record for Cordless Canoes, set last year by Dennis Adcock in his little 8′ (2.4m) cat propelled by two Makita 18 volt brushless drills – pictured above – at an astonishing 10.32mph!

For the full CCC 2018 rules, see the November/December issue of Water Craft or go to: www.watercraft-magazine.com where you’ll also find videos of our previous CCC tournaments.

Vintage Vehicle Show


A new vehicle show at the 2018 Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show!

Vintage cars, bikes, buses and traction engines with the added attraction of boats and water! Great vehicles, great food, great attractions, great facilities and great people… what more can anyone ask for!

The emphasis will be on a relaxed family atmosphere with the opportunity for vehicle owners to mingle and share stories with boat owners and enthusiasts, along with other petrol heads.

The involvement of groups coming as, and representing a club or marque are welcome, as well as those owner/driver individuals. With stalls, entertainment, a central show arena and much more get yourself booked in for this great weekend! There will be a central parade area and prizes to be handed out in various categories.

An opportunity for owners to enjoy a trip out in a vintage boat on the lake is something not available at other events and should make the 2018 Vintage Vehicle Show at Beale Park a must for your diary.

With free admission for pre-war vehicles (ticket required from the link below) and excellent prices for all other vintage vehicles, there is every reason to give this weekend a try.

Click here to book your tickethttps://thelittleboxoffice.com/bealeparkboatshow/


The Thames Vintage Boat Club was founded at Old Windsor in March 1983 to provide a club and forum for all types of traditionally built craft; to seek to encourage their restoration, maintenance, and above all, their use, and also to produce and maintain an historical record of all traditional craft on the river Thames. See more at http://www.thamesvintageboatclub.com/

There will be another wonderful display of boats from club members at Beale Park in 2018.

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