1st, 2nd & 3rd June 2018
1st, 2nd, 3rd June 2018

New series of talks at Beale Park this year


We are delighted to announce a new series of free talks this year for all visitors to the show wanting to learn about the art & craft of boating either under sail, steam or self-steam – and anything in between. Designed to be lighthearted and informative, the programme of talks is still being finalised but we are pleased to provide some early news about those who are attending to present their ideas…

Speaker: Alec Jordan


Alec started making plywood boat kits in 2003, having made an escape from the constantly changing world of IT.  As a frustrated rower, living well away from any rowing club, he saw the possibilities of re-creating the coastal rowing regattas between the Fife coal mining villages.  In 2009, other parties got involved, out of which the St Ayles Skiff was designed by Iain Oughtred.

Alec’s vision of regattas around the Kingdom of Fife in community built boats was rapidly superseded as the St Ayles was taken to the hearts of scores of Scottish and Northumbrian coastal communities, elsewhere in the UK, and further afield in Australia, New Zealand, the USA & Canada.

During the past eight years, almost 300 St Ayles kits have been sold; Alec will be telling the audience the story of this internet fuelled rebirth of local boat building and rowing, and its incredible effects in its communities.

Speaker: Tim O’Connor

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Tim started canoeing at the age of 11 and sailing at the age of 13 and made his living teaching them for some years. Despite 30 fattening years in the world of business he’s maintained his interest in both.

Those who go boating can develop strong allegiance to their chosen mode of propulsion. Others will broadcast the attractions of petrol, diesel, electric or steam engines. Yet more will extol the virtues of rowing, sculling, pedaling or poling.

Tim is going to make the case for sail. A mode of propulsion used for centuries sail that continues to entertain, inspire, attract and engage. From racing to cruising, oceans to gravel pits Tim will show you how sailing is for you.

Having been described as a ‘serial boatbuilder’ Tim will also try to inspire you to put saw to wood and get involved in the hugely diverse world of amateur boat building.

More news & updates to follow!