31st May, 1st & 2nd June 2019
31st May, 1st June, 2nd June 2019

Kipperman & Kipperland & Flaxland

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Kipperland is the all-encompassing exhibition concerning commercial fisheries. Whilst that might sound a little grand, it is true to say that Kipperland is concerned about the state of fisheries.

Kipperman started out in 1996 with a one-show ‘Herring Exhibition’ which portrayed various aspects of the herring fishery. The intention then was to show to the world (that little bit that was interested anyway) just how great the herring fishery had been (see them at Beale Park this year!).

This is also a unique opportunity to meet Simon of Flaxland to discover how the flax plant is grown and used to make a vast range of goods from the seeds and stem.  Set in the Cotswolds – 10 miles from Cirencester/5 miles from Tetbury, the course is great for those who are keen on hands-on activity or those who want to come along and watch

There will be an eclectic & some may say slightly quirky range of cooking and food demonstrations during the show this year in this area – just one of the many displays at the lake for all the family to enjoy. Not to be missed!